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The main direction of the new company's activity is the development and creation of new products in the field of translucent structures.

A mutually beneficial partnership connects Photen Glass company with the developer and manufacturer of fire-extinguishing, protective and special glazing - FOTOTEKH Company, which has been operating in the Russian and CIS markets for more than 25 years. FOTOTEKH experts became immediately interested in lots of the ideas and unique designs of our specialists, and the Photen Glass company largely relies on the valuable experience of one of the most authoritative and successful Russian companies.

Photen Glass company appeared and stamped itself in the Russian market shortly after a group of enthusiasts - talented developers, engineers, designers, marketers and entrepreneurs - organized the company of the same name.

Photen Glass has its own research and development center, production facility in the Moscow suburbs and a staff of experienced designers, highly qualified production specialists and analysts.

Our values, concepts of work
and philosophy

The main idea and the chief goal of any our design is the creation of such products that would combine innovativeness and workability with flexibility and real demand in different strata of society.

Innovatiosn for the sake of innovations is not our way. The latest designs and high technologies are only valuable when they are transformed into really useful, practical and convenient products that will offer a new level of quality, comfort and safety in their area of application.

The company aims to ensure the maximum availability of innovative products. The profitability of market-demanded designs is ensured by mass production and sufficient amounts of delivery. The payback of research, development and adjustment of the production process should not be transferred on the shoulders and wallets of our highly regarded customers.

Each kind of a new product is necessarily subjected to a complex of comprehensive tests so that its effectiveness could be confirmed by specific digital indicators and experimental operation.

An individual approach to every customer, a wide range of promising designs and research activities should be combined with the ability to produce typified products massively and serially, on the simultaneous basis.

Regardless of the type of products, the degree of its uniqueness and individuality, the main and immutable value is a stable high quality and strict compliance with the declared characteristics, capabilities, service life.