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Еlectrically heated glass

Electrically heated glasses are installed on roofing areas of translucent structures, in rooflights and in dormer window - to ensure the melting of snow and to prevent icing, and to create an additional or even basic heating system.

  • Power supply from the AC main 220 V without using power converters.
  • Possibility of manufacturing with the heating temperature up to 300 °C
  • Maximum dimensions: 2000x3000 mm
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Revolution in the glazing: your next-gen windows

The growing popularity of double-glazed windows with electric heating can be explained by a number of the obvious advantages: fire and electrical safety, economy, the possibility of automatic controlling of the set temperature and the the alarm system device on their basis, the ease of installing such glasses into the previously mounted windows instead of standard double-glazed windows. This list can be continued.

Glazing with heating function

Floor-to-ceiling glazing increases heat loss, forcing to use powerful heating systems. The electrically heated glazing warms the room effectively, without cooling it, and reduces the load on the radiators.

Windows without condensation

The warm surface of the glass turned to the room removes such problems as condensation on windows, fogging, frosting, etc. And it's just nice to the feel.

Rooms without "dry" air and dust

"Warm" glass does not dry the air, because it does not pass through filaments or other incandescent circuits for heating. As a consequence, air turbulence and dust circulation are minimal, which is especially important for the persons suffering from allergies and asthma.

Economy and efficiency

The heat will not come out, and you will not heat the street - a special multilayered structure of the heating element with a reflective layer makes infrared radiation strictly unilateral.

Energy saving and sunlight protection

Heated windows make the house warmer even when in the inactive state: the heating layer is a metalized spatter that keeps the room warm in winter, and performs the function of sunlight protection, preventing overheating in the summer.

Automatic climate control

Electrically heated double-glazed windows are equipped with temperature sensors that can monitor the set temperature of the glass or air in the room, shutting down the heating automatically.

Strength and injury prevention

The structure of the double-glazed heated window includes tempered glass, which is several times stronger than the conventional one. And even if such a glass would be broken, it will crumble into small fractions with blunt edges that will prevent from injuries.

Bad news for a burglar

Due to the metallized spatter, the heated windows are as ready as possible for integration into the security system - just install the breach (resistance) sensor. In case of the ordinary glass it would take a replacement of the double-glazed windows.

New opportunities during the design of buildings: snow load does not pose a threat anymore

Windows with electrically heated glass form the heating areas on the roof surface, which will destroy the snow cover and facilitate its removal. The problem of accumulation of snow is eliminated automatically: snow masses will contact the warm surface of the glass and slide several times more efficiently than from a similar roof without windows or the one that has windows with the ordinary glass!

New horizons
for creativity

Maintaining an optimal temperature regime in the house, electrically heated double-glazed windows allow you to get rid of traditional unhandy and ugly radiators (or drastically reduce their number).

This allows the most efficient use of the internal space of rooms and premises, reveals new opportunities in design and allows you to reconsider many stylistic solutions in the interior.

For the construction firms, building owners, general contractors

We offer a variety of options for cooperation with construction firms that perform the functions of a building owner, designer and general contractor. Individual approach to partnerships and the interaction schemes with an option of flexible customization, along with attractive financial conditions, earned us the reputation for an honest, open and "profitable" partner, who is pleasant to deal and earn a stable profit with.

For regional partners
and dealers

If you are looking for a professional, reliable and open partner with a reputation on the market, with transparent and attractive conditions of financial cooperation, with whom you can develop yourself and grow - then you have found it. Our regional dealers receive technical, information and advertising support, up-to-date and complete information on new designs (technical and advertising one), the possibility of free remote learning of the managers in our training center, as well as flexible pricing policy.

Call and email us - we will certainly consider the possibilities for potential cooperation, we will agree on a common stance and offer you the most favorable terms.

General information about the product

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Details of construction

  • Power supply from the AC main 220 V without using power converters.
  • The invisible conducting coating of a set texture, integrated into the shatterproof glass or into a double-glazed window, ensures a uniform heating of the entire glass surface to the required temperature.
  • If necessary, it is also possible to install a heat controller and perform a smooth adjustment of power and temperature within the specified values.
  • It is possible to produce glass with different temperatures in given zones, as well as the products with a heating temperature of up to 300 °C, which allows their use in bathhouses, saunas, and decoratory fireplaces.

Safe long-term operation

  • The new production technology makes the electrically heated double-glazed windows absolutely safe - all the current-carrying elements are placed within the window, completely eliminating human injury by means of current, because the glass is a good insulator. Our products can work at low temperatures and in conditions of high humidity.
  • The warranty period for the products is 12 months with the possibility of extending up to 10 years, on condition of regular service and preventative maintenance. The estimated service life significantly outweighs the period of 10 years.

Principle of operation

Any surface heated to a certain temperature begins to emit electromagnetic waves in the range of 0.75-100 μm, which carry heating energy. This principle is a basis for the work of infrared radiators and the electrically heated glass, whose heating elements emit such waves as well. Getting onto the objects and surfaces that are within the visual range, the infrared rays increase their temperature, after which the principle of convection comes into play (heat is transferred from the objects and surfaces to the air of the room).

Production possibilities

Heated glass and double-glazed windows can be of various sizes (max - 2000x3000 mm), can be used both in windows and other translucent structures, and also as separate elements of the interior. If necessary, the function of electric heating can be combined with additional functions of interior and special glasses (noise protection, burglar resistance, antibacterial protection, etc.).

Important: If the electrically heated double-glazed windows are the only heating source in your building, you should provide a backup source of electricity in the event of a power outage (for example, a diesel generator).
Basic functions Power consumption, W/m² Glass temperature (data obtained in the room at t = 20 °C)
Elimination of condensate 50 - 100 +30
Creating a comfort zone 150 - 200 +40
Anti-icing and snow melting 280 - 330 +50
Additional or basic heating 300 – 600 +50 - +70

Advantageous heat

The average glazing area of a 2-room apartment is 8 m². Herewith, 1 m² of glass should consume about 180 Wh/h in order to achieve a comfortable temperature, eliminate the possibility for cooling and draughts in the apartment (creating a comfort zone). The average daily operation time of the double-glazed window in the mode of constant maintenance of temperature is about 14 hours. Consequently, the amount of energy consumed per 1 m² is only ~ 2.5 kW per day!

Installation of programmable heat controllers will help to further reduce energy consumption: they will allow you to adjust the windows to be activated in an hour before you come home, and it will shorten the time of the warm windows operation that is necessary for maintaining a comfortable temperature up to 8 hours. Thus, the amount of energy consumed per 1 m² during the day will amount only about 1.5 kW.
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