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Led glass

Smart glass with LED backlight - laminated shatterproof glass with LEDs integrated inside. The diodes' control system ensures their smooth attenuation and activation, stepless change of shades and colors of backlight.

  • Operating temperature range - from -42 °C to +70 °C.
  • Available colors: cool white light, warm white, red, blue, green, yellow.
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Humidity resistance
Absolute transparency,
absence of the optical defects
Long service life
Low power

Unique possibilities

Modern glass manufacturing technology allows to place LEDs (diodes) in almost any order - in the form of separate compositions, symbols, letters or numbers. The use of such glass will make it possible to realize the most bright and eye-catching projects in the field of advertising and design - what is more, they can be the most individualized ones, due to taking into account the wishes of a particular customer.

Features and specifications

  • Visible light transmission: 80%
  • Angle of view 160 degrees
  • Voltage: less than DC 60V (depends on design features)
  • Working power: depends on design features
  • Switching time: less than 100 milliseconds
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Areas of business-application

  • advertising with brand images, logos and slogans;
  • information displays;
  • facade structures;
  • luminant storefronts;
  • tables for presentations of products and projects.

Using in the living space

  • glass floors and stairs with backlighting;
  • internal partitions;
  • windows for children rooms;
  • interior and furniture decoration.