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Smart glass

Smart glass with electrically controlled light diffusion (electrochromic glass) can become either completely frosted (opaque) or fully transparent in a few seconds. This effect is achieved by applying a voltage of 65 - 110 V to a special multilayered liquid crystal film applied on the glass or included in the content of shatterproof glass.

  • Operating temperature range - from -40 °C to +90 °C.
  • Energy consumption: 0.3-7.0 W/m2 (amount of energy required to shade 1 m2 of glass).
  • Standard maximum size: 1500 x 2500 mm, but it is possible to produce glass of larger size.
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Extremely low power
consumption (0.3-7.0 W/m2)
Number of transitions from fully frosted to fully transparent state
Long service life

Principle of operation

Liquid crystals acquire the desired spatial orientation (become ordered) under the influence of electricity, and the glass becomes transparent. It is possible to vary the degree of transparency by increasing or decreasing the impressed voltage. The higher the voltage, the more ordered the particles are, in this way, they permit more light through, and the glass becomes more transparent.

Wide functionality

  • Protection from prying eyes without curtains and blinds
  • Protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation
  • Increased noise insulation (due to the triplex structure and increased thickness)
  • Provides the required degree of illumination and coolness in the premises in conditions of intensive solar radiation
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Production possibilities

Electrochromic glass can be
included in a standard,
fireproof or protective double-glazed window.
To control the shading of the glasses, you can use a stationary switch, remote controller, computer or climate control system installed in the premises.
The complete set of the glasses includes a control unit and, if necessary, metal structure (framing). Can be almost of any color.

The field of application of glass with electrically controlled dispersion

  • in the design of the interior of offices, private houses and cottages;
  • in bulletproof double-glazed windows;
  • for fitting the workplaces of bank employees, shops, currency exchange offices, ticket offices, etc.
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