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Glass with laser engraving

The newest technique of decorating, where it becomes possible to apply almost any - even the most delicate and complex - patterns with a high degree of refinement on the ordinary glass with the help of a laser beam. The possibility of obtaining the most delicate drawings, photographic degree of detail and the accuracy of the images favorably differ this type of decoration from the more conventional sandblasting technique.

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Timeless decoration

Due to the features of the application technology, the pattern obtained by means of a laser beam, in addition to aesthetic perfection, has such an important advantage as life time. It would be more correct to say "timelessness": the pattern is not succeptible to mechanical influences, it does not wear, dull or lose its original color over time.

Area of application

The highest quality, speed and workability of the process, combined with a democratic price ensure a rapid growth in the popularity and demand for new decorations in various areas of individualization of the interior and exterior.

The technique provides wide opportunities for its use both in private and cottage construction, when creating interior design, or decorating offices, boutiques, showrooms and exhibition pavilions. Thus, we are ready to offer this product in both the B2C and the B2B segment.

Technology peculiarities

Decorating is similar to glass processing by means of sandblasting, but the shape cutting, as it follows from the name of the technique, is performed by a laser beam with a thickness of only about 0.01 millimeter instead of an air abrasive jet.

Such a thin cutting "edge" makes it possible to create the most complicated "goffering", made of the thinnest lines of complex shapes on the glass, micro patterns unattainable for techniques involving mechanical milling or sandblasting of the surface.

The beam is controlled not by hand, but by means of a computer. Laser beam machine for engraving, with the help of which the image is applied to the glass, involves working with graph editors and the management of special software. The created images can be of any shape and configuration, being capable of amazing the viewers with their visual magnificence. It is worth noting that the three-dimensional glass surfaces, in addition to the flat ones, can be engraved by means of laser beam.

Simplicity and automation

Despite the fact that laser beam machines are the high-tech equipment, they are very easy to operate as they are completely computerized and based on NC (numerical control).

"Laser cutting" is very beneficial from the point of view of organization of production, since only one qualified employee is required to operate the laser beam machine, not the entire team of specialists. This point significantly reduces costs and, as a consequence, the price of the products.